Heartburn, Acid Reflux, and the Hiatal Hernia Connection Part 2

Heartburn, Acid Reflux, and the Hiatal Hernia Connection Part 2

The term acid reflux is somewhat an oxymoron in the sense that the stomach almost always has too little acid (HCL) and is overly alkaline, in need of more acid; this explains why the old wives’ tale of drinking apple cider vinegar before a meal helped relieve symptoms of acid reflux. The Standard Process supplement Zypan, an HCL supplement with powerful digestive enzymes, yields excellent results in relieving acid reflux.

The pharmaceutical approach to the maladies can become quite expensive and permanent. Think of your stomach as a holding tank outside the rest of your digestive system; its job is to make acid (HCL) and to hold the contents of your meal until it is completely broken down and ready for assimilation and elimination through your digestive tract.

The following protein pump inhibitors are very commonly prescribed by medical physicians: Nexium, Prisolec, and Prevacid; these work to stop acid production completely, the very thing the stomach is originally designed to do. Once these drugs stop acid production, the prescription is often for life. Acid rebound will occur when a prescription is stopped cold turkey. This could result in a very uncomfortable condition that will often cause the patient to go back on medications.

Instead of making yourself permanently sick with antacids, try our approach of correcting the cause. Make the necessary dietary changes, restore proper HCL acidity, eliminate allergies, and eliminate the mechanical problems such as hiatal hernia and diaphragm strains. In addition, follow a specific supplement protocol designed for you individually, as no two people are the same. Remember almost all these symptoms are acquired, thus reversible and correctable