“Healer Heal Thyself”

“Healer Heal Thyself”

Healing is the profession that combines selfishness with selflessness.

You will be chosen, and you will inspire confidence by virtue of how you live and what you are rather than what you say.

As a healer you are useless to others if you cannot first heal yourself.

For healers, and for all who would be healers, most importantly your life is your resume, and it must always be up to date.

The degree to which you help people raise the consciousness is the degree to which you have elevated consciousness. You heal through inclusion, not exclusion. Healers are simply facilitators. You facilitate the entire universe entering your consciousness.

Therefore, you are bounded by the degree of your consciousness.

Every healer is simply a conduit between the person needing to be healed and life.

As you help others you help yourself. So, become a better healer for both selfless and selfish reasons.

It’s in your best interest and others.

Treatment can be with or without emotion, but all healing is emotional.

If one want’s to be a better healer, one must understand the mutuality of need between healer and patient.

You must have an ego to live today, but you cannot have egotism if you want to be a healer. Your ego may define you, but your egotism will separate you from all healing power in the universe, and that power is collective.

A true healer is simply a spokesperson for everything and everyone. As such it is believed a true healer is an extension of God, and sickness is a blockage in consciousness that impedes the flow of life force.